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Christmas Small Shop Gifts Under $10

It gets a bit frustrating when you're on a budget but still trying to shop small. These gifts are all varying degrees of natural, low waste, small business, open ended, and several are from BIPOC and/or women-owned businesses. Many are art supplies + consumable. Huzzah! No affiliate links--just a small shop supporting other small shops. 

-Storybook notebooks from Wisdom Supply Co ($5.75, or check their imperfects section)

We do a lot of very basic book-making at my house out of plain paper but these are great for little authors/artists since they have the writing line guides on the lower half of the page. This company is as zero-plastic and as zero-waste as they get, and you can sign up to send your purchase points to your favorite teacher. Love, love, and love. Also they have an imperfects section so that minorly damaged merch doesn't go to the landfill. More love. Women-owned.

-Stabilo 3 in 1 colored pencils from Wisdom Supply Co ($3.95)

These are an excellent replacement for plastic markers, they can be painted with water to turn drawings to watercolor, and you can write on glass/windows with them. I love that you can just buy a couple--I've become more appreciative of things sold as singles and not just sets, because having just 4-5 on hand means my kids aren't ignoring half the colors and we're actually using all that we have and there's a chance to try it out. They do smudge and rub off, but not as bad as washable markers.  (You DO need the extra wide pencil sharpener, unless you have an XL eyeliner pencil sharpener that you're willing to share.) Women owned.

Natural Earth Facepaints from ($3.50 each per .4 oz pot)

So fun for face painting and brightening up an ordinary day with the kids, or going all out for costume occasions.  Natural ingredients are 1000% worth the higher price compared to cheap costume makeup to me because it's literally going on your kid's face. Again, you can get your favorite couple of colors in single color pots for $3.50 each which I love because no colors get ignored/unused.  If you use a fuller color palette, it's over $10.00 and you can get them in a larger 4 or 6 pack set. (Comes in plastic pots with low waste shipping.)

Portable Watercolor Mini Sets from the Nature Atelier $9.50 for a 4-color tin

So much of our kids' art is inspired by nature--it just doesn't seem right for all of it to be created indoors. We take these little eco watercolors along with us for some toddler/preschooler plein air painting and it's just the cutest. 

Beeswax Eco-Pastels from the Nature Atelier $9.75 for 6 blocks

I don't love the plethora of traditional crayons that comes with kids, and we usually stick to colored pencils, but these are on my list for this Christmas for our nature rubbings.  

Sunprint Paper from your local toy or teacher supply store around $8.00

I remember this from when I was a kid and love showing my kids the magic/science.  The paper will develop in the sunlight, so you place objects on it to block the developing. 


Plus plus building pieces from Proud & Playful $7.99

I think these are the only plastic on the list, but they're sturdy, my kids use them lots and they force you to figure things out a bit since they're only 2D symmetrical. Was excited to find them from this BIPOC woman-owned small shop. Small pieces--not for babes.

Felt Balls from literally thousands of Etsy shops ~20 for under $10

These wool felt balls get used lots by my kids as manipulatives for number practice, with a wooden ten frame, and to sling shot around the house without putting any eyes out. Small parts, not for babes. 

Colored Washi Tapes from your local stationary/bookstore or small Etsy sellers

Not sure whether I love washi tape more or my kids do. Wall murals, paper decorating, picture books, personalizing toys, etc etc. I love the solid color packs available here. 

Waldorf Pocket Dolls | under $10 from various Etsy sellers

I especially love the mice and star dolls from Fairy Shadow on Etsy.