Doll crowns now available!


Please measure your child's head circumference (instructions below) to check for the best fit. Bonnet sizes fit snug on heads at the largest end of each size bracket, and most children will be able to wear the bonnet slightly beyond. Ages shown in sizing chart are approximate.


Use a flexible measuring tape to measure around your child's forehead and widest part of the head (just above the eyebrows), keeping the tape measure level. If you don't have a flexible measuring tape, use a piece of string instead, marking the end points. Then measure the string with a yardstick or ruler. 



16" - 17.5"

 {3 - 9 months}


17.5" - 18.5"

 {9 - 18 months}


18.5" - 20"  {18 months - 3 yrs}

x large:

20" - 21.5"  {3 yrs +}