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woodland tails
woodland tails
woodland tails

woodland tails

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Perfect for outdoor make-believe and everyday play, these whimsical woodland tails are handcrafted from soft faux fur and attach at the waist band with a binkie (dummy) style clip.  

  • Ships within 5 business days
  • One size fits all (approximate length excluding clip 15")
  • See care instructions


TIP: These tails do have a bit of weight and will pull on the waistband where clipped. If the clip is pulling/flipping the waistband down due to the tail weight, clip instead to the back belt loop or to a pinched piece of the material right below the waistband, or to the inside of a skirt. 

Kindly note:

This item was made by hand (hurrah!) so minor variations will occur!

Safety first! Tail accessory and clip could become a choking or strangulation hazard. Please do not allow playground activity, sleeping, or unattended play during use. Keep faux fur away from heat sources.